Lone Folk Studio is a collaborative project centered around mindful aesthetic, sound experience, and ritual lifestyle.

We create offerings of…

Performance & Form

Ritual & Remnant

Ceremony & Souvenir

Experience & Relic

As pieces of meditative art to bring to your space & moments of ceremony to ground you.

To remind us Lone Folks of our forever connection.



O U R   A R T I S T S


Aaron Francis is a visual artist, sculptor, printmaker, designer, and co-creator of Lone Folk Studio. His work seeks to combine the intangible ceremonial experience of the act of making, with the purely tangible and tranquil beauty of raw materials. Aaron draws inspiration from the channels of the ritualistic mind through the refinement of natural elements, and celebrates the harmony that may be found within. He specializes in the sacredness of color, the balance of design, the translation of dreamscapes, and the symbolic peace that may be brought to a space. Behind all of Aaron’s work lies a deep devotion to the mindful aesthetic.

Jessi Lee Ross is a musician, artist, writer, herbalist, energy worker, sound healer, and co-creator of Lone Folk Studio. Within her foundation and deep love of neuroacoustic therapy and the healing arts, Jessi’s work aims to encapsulate the science and spirituality behind the power of sound, along with the infusion of sacred rituals into everyday life. She is also intrigued by natural materials, and finds joy in transforming them into works of art through preservation and paintings. Jessi’s overall work honors the vital connection of souls within the beautiful mess of the human experience, and the necessity of healing transformation through expression and ceremony. Within her offerings, Jessi combines her passion, research, energy, voice, visuals, and intuition into an all-encompassing, inspiring, and healing sensory experience.