Sound Healing Offerings are conducted by Jessi Lee Ross, our co-creator here at Lone Folk Studio. Jessi is a musician, artist, herbalist, energy worker, and sound healer. She has been deeply fascinated by sound healing through neuroacoustic therapy for the past 10 years. While acquiring her degree in 2013, Jessi’s BFA Thesis revolved around the conscious use of sound to alter our emotional states and perceptions of reality. She is also Usui Reiki certified, and holds a precious understanding of energy flows in and around the body. Within that foundation, she has been actively conducting research and creating works, songs, and experiences that encapsulate the science and spirituality behind the power of sound. 

Beneath her sound offerings lies the deep understanding that through vibrations, vocals, and the use of specific tones, we each hold an immense ability to alter our psychological and physiological states, clear our energetic fields, and to bring about deep reflections, revelations, and releases. 

Jessi’s role within these offerings is to serve as a guide and an architect of harmonies - to build a safe space for you to soften, lean in, and allow yourself to heal.




Holding Space

Sound Bath Session

In this one-on-one offering, Jessi takes you on an intuitive sound experience, customized to your current healing process. It will begin with a brief consultation to assess what you are currently going through, any emotional blockages or physical pains, or things you would like to feel more of in your life. For the next 45-50 minutes, Jessi will guide you into a sound meditation intuitively channeled through singing bowls and the voice, to bring you into a deep state of intentional listening and activated calm, to allow any thoughts to arise, blocks to move through you, and to give you a safe space for the body and heart to rest and heal. Nestled within this time will also be an integrated reiki session, to further clear your energetic field and work on releasing any cords that may be holding you back from reaching your highest potential. As the sessions comes full circle and transitions back into song, it will end with a moment of stillness to let the precious work settle in, and allow you to carry it with you through the rest of your day, and the days to come.

• Where: Virtual (Zoom) • Full Duration: 1 hr • Price: $135 •

Please email Jessi at if you have any questions, or would like to book a Holding Space session.

 *In-person sound sessions may potentially be arranged for locals who are interested.




Find Your Soul Note

Guided Talk & Listening Session 

In this more informal talk-based offering, Jessi guides you through discussions, questions, and inquisitive listening to help you find your Soul Note - a note or a few notes that speak to deep inner parts of yourself. These notes may then be used with intention to powerfully assist in your healing journey, as they allow you to go deeper quicker and more effectively, while attuning yourself to your true frequency. Have you ever listened to a song that brings an uncontrollable physical reaction - be it joy, dancing, or even crying? Have you ever wondered why exactly that is, and what it’s reaching within you? In your time together, Jessi will guide you to try to find answers to these deep questions, as well as help you to figure out what exactly those notes are and how you may further use them in your healing practice. When we can know and name the sound of the pain, the joy, or the feeling of our truest selves, we can use these sounds for deep release and to attune every cell in our body into alignment. Together you will also explore through instrument play and vocal toning, to see what particular notes resonate within certain parts of your body, heart and mind. Upon the end of the session, you will be given a ‘prescription’ of notes to listen to and sing throughout your day, or during your sacred healing practice, as well as suggestions of instruments to bring into your life that are attuned to the frequency of your Soul Note.

• Where: Virtual (Zoom) • Full Duration: 45 min • Price: $115 •

Please email Jessi at if you have any questions, or would like to book a Find Your Soul Note session.