A N Z A • Custom

We offer our Brass & Suede  A N Z A  Cuffs with the option to include a stone of choice which we centrally incorporate amidst design. Have an idea for a custom cuff with a perfectly meaningful and empowering rock? Contact us directly to chat about the possibilities! 


Some of our personal favorite stones are (but not limited to)

  • Turquoise - also called the Sky Stone or the Stone of Heaven, turquoise aids in spiritual attunement and psychic abilities. Long considered a stone of ancient protection and powerful healing, it also helps to ease mood swings and to calm, balance, and validate all aspects of the inner self. Like all blue stones, it is associated with the throat chakra, as well as truthful communication.
  • Carnelian - a stone of passion, warmth and joy. It carries a bold energy, ideal for inspiring motivation, endurance, leadership and courage. Like the unexpected fire of a sunset or the first flash of autumn brilliance, Carnelian captivates.
  • Tigereye - a powerful stone of protection that helps release fear and find balance. Like the precision of a tiger hunting it’s prey, this stone brings focus, clarity and action to leap toward one’s goals. 


Prices determined upon stone.