The Workshop at Lone Folk Studio is always ready to work with you on custom projects. 

With years of experience managing the craft production department of a high profile design studio - we've seen it all. Whether you are looking for full production runs, material samples, or specialized components, we're here to help you achieve your vision. 

Fabrication specialties include...

- Leather work & upholstery

- Woodworking

- Small Metals / metal finishing

- Fibers


- Printmaking

- Paint, pigment, staining

- Mixed media elements

- Graphic design / typography

Feel free to email Aaron at to chat more about these services or to share your future visions! 


Images of:

El Rito Leather + Brass Table Lamp, in collaboration with R. Miller Studio, 2021

Daydream Enamel + Brass Sconce, in collaboration with R. Miller Studio, 2021